Women Make 30 Day Challenge: We F*cking Made It!

October was intense. Indeed, it was the month of the Women Make 30 Day Challenge. And it was freaking awesome!

The 30 Day Challenge: 30 days to build and launch

After 110+ participants joined the challenge, we all started working on October 1st with one goal in mind: build and launch something in 30 days.

It has been really inspiring and motivating since day one. Everyone was discussing their ideas, sharing their todo lists and templates, offering their help… That’s exactly the kind of atmosphere I wanted for this challenge: punchy and friendly at the same time.

When someone was having a hard time or was doubting themselves, the community was here to cheer them up. Our common energy was strong and powerful! Since then, it’s been such a delight to see all the members posting updates and sharing their progress publicly.

A podcast for Women Make

The Women Make podcast

Although I’m the organizer of the 30 Day Challenge –and trust me it had its part of work too– I also participated in the challenge myself. I built Women Make because I wanted to create a place for women to find support in the maker community. But I also have a broader goal which is to put women in the forefront.

There are many talented women in the startup scene we don’t hear about, especially in the traditional media. I want to give them a voice. I want their peers to know they are not alone. And I want them to share their advice to succeed in this industry. This is why I decided to start a podcast.

This has been a totally new experience for me. I really did something I wouldn’t have imagine I could have done even a few months ago. I’m so glad I made it! My first guest is still a surprise… but you can signup here to get notified when I will publish the episode, probably next week.

A common launch

Projects from the Women Make 30 Day Challenge
Projects listed on womenmake.com

Today is time to reveal our work to the world and I’m so excited about it! I’m so glad that we built our projects alongside, together, by helping and supporting each other. This challenge was also the opportunity to meet new talented women, as many members joined the community last month.

Thanks to all the participants who took part in this adventure. I couldn’t have dreamed of better peers. One thing is sure: you can be proud of what you have achieved these 30 days!

Now is time for you to check all these awesome projects built during the 30 Day Challenge: Games, books, apps, online schools, job boards, blogs, podcasts… Be amazed by the diversity of our work!


💬 If you haven’t yet, you should join us on Telegram!

Since this challenge was a success, I’ll probably organize a second edition. I know some people couldn’t make it this month so this will also be the opportunity for them to take part next time.

I’d like to thank newCo which hosted the challenge, all the participants who took a part in it and Anne-Laure for correcting this article among other things.


Women Make is free but you can support my hard work via Patreon.